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29 Sep

Experiencing grief, more then I experience joy, shedding tears, to let all that grief flow free. 

Unless you are a monk somewhere on  a remote high mountain temple, you could detach all those worldly feelings, and live in a state of eternal out of this world bliss.

But, unfortunately for myself ,I choose to be here on the ground feeling the pains of the normal mortal. 

"The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place:from the sky , from the earth, from the scrap of paper, from a passing shape , from a spider's web."

Is autumn, the time of the year when we see spiders populating the corners of our house,weaving their magnificent webs.

The other day I woke up to a beautiful spider web, in the corner of my bedroom window.

The Spider teaches us that the location of potential is within.It is through our lived experience that we gather the jewels of life-our memories , lessons learned through challenges , self awareness, the ability to open our hearts, learning to listen and the skill to communicate with clarity.

We take the truth and beauty of who we are , internalizing who we know ourselves to be and all that we have learned and alchemize this into a miraculous ingredient that can weave the web of life for future generations.

A spider's web is a dream catcher for the visions and messages of spirit.

The spider teaches us to be open and receptive, integrating one's own learning and transforming it into medicine, learning the weave oneself deeply, within the interconnected web of life, understanding our humanity in relation to all beings .


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