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21 Jun

I like the idea of having a blog because everyone has the opportunity to write ,to share something that could inspire someone or is just a way to bring the words written even more into the writer's consciousness .

It is quite a liberating feeling putting down on the page your thoughts, an opportunity to be truthful (when most of the time I am not-most of the time I am not truthful to myself but taking now the opportunity to learn and start living as truthfully as I can .

I kept my friend's words when she said "if he is not meeting you in your truth he is going to loose you".(that was about an ex partner).That is another part of being truthful..., when you are long time partners and start evolving, growing, each differently and start having different thoughts, expectations, feelings, dreams. But you can t share that with  your partner because you don t want to hurt their feelings, ( at that time, I wanted an open relationship  and maybe live separately even though we had children).  As I expected, that wasn't welcomed with an open heart. The days, months and years going so quickly, I didn t have the strength to hold my children and a husband and ignore my own needs that were coming in my dreams so vividly, almost like a torture.

I had to follow my truth no matter how painful it would have been for him or children.I had to take the risk and have a feel of what I wanted MY life to be. 

We all have our  own truth,  we keep so secretly that we forget about it in our busy, rushing all the time life  .

Our authentic self exists in silence. In order to reveal that self, we need to find stillness and silence for a dedicated period of time on a daily basis. During this time, reflect on how you were taught “truth.” Were you encouraged to deny your personal truth?....

Once we get out of our comfort zone we start living....

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