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17 May

Tantric experience is about taking up a journey to enjoy your senses , a dance of sensual bodies , a big smile and shiver that invades the body .

Allow the touch to touch our soul so we can spiral into a timeless dimension.

If we are physical bodies , we are sensual beings and through erotism we explore bliss .

Anything that has to do with our embodiment , coming more into the core of my being, to ground and to transcend through sexual practices is so intriguing, interesting and special to me.

The art of lovemaking through erotism, kissing, bondage, self exploration, dancing for unlocking the energy , sacred sexuality,  spiritual union through sexual practices with oneself or our partner, the dance of yin and yang , breaking through old beliefs about sex in general.

I know there are so so many amazing people out there that have been talking and writing about it since the start of time, but for me is such a empowering experience understanding the anatomy of arousal, knowing and embodying all this knowledge fearlessly.

( if anything is sacred , the human body is sacred-Walt Whitman)

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