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16 Oct

Prayer is another one of those practices, where you come into yourself , where your focus, like a ribbon of light goes to everything and everyone you love , so they get protection love and healing.

A prayer is such a simple and easy way to be in the spirit.Is a blessing for your family, , friends, the house that shelters and regenerates you, for anyone (people, animals or plants), in need.

Collective prayers are a practice, I find , in moments of hopelessness, when we can t physically change a situation, like the fires in the Amazon forests, any ecocide, genocide, deforestation where wildlife dies, we bring our awareness and send travel like vibrations, so that we welcome in our consciousness (rather then denying it) the distruction, but we send a powerful message that things will get better.Our thoughts are true things, the power of thought is unimaginably powerful, bringing our thought and focus even at long distances could change events in better.

Prayer is another practice that mirrors your soul possibilities and experiences and expanding your vision and the reality of a  spiritual world.   

Prayer comes invoking many of those elements, comes with mantras, comes with lighting a candle, the fire that purifies , comes with incence and smudge that inhance and amplifies,  gifts and wisdom, cleansing our spiritual paths.

A prayer is there where you start counting your blessings , is such a  natural way to feel grateful for everything we have in our life. such a humbling experience, where you become one with all.

So light a candle and say a prayer!!

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