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01 Jun

Hope this blog finds you well, loved, healed and whole.

Am feeling such a wonderful energy today, feeling like a new beginning, excitement in the air , maybe is just the sunny day, maybe just the planets alligned , maybe i just relised that finally I must move forward, feeling the positive vibes that many people had sent to me.

Feeling energised , gratitude to the many people that inspires me so so much, the heroes of my journey.

Gratitude to the people that brought criticism (thank you so so much!!!)

   How this journey unfolded for me, the journey into embracing the sensual touch with a bit of spirituality.

When I first started massage I never knew what was behind the corner .

    In my longest relationship me and my partner , both unexperienced we did not know how to communicate our most deep needs, had children and were focused on the family life, but grew more and more apart.

I was so depleted of touch my soul and body were aching .

My soul was aching because i could not understand why my partner wasn't there for me, why intimacy felt so unfulfilling, why there was so little physical touch, why making love was just a quick unsatisfying release and not a deep connection.

I was going through a terrible internal crises and wanted an open relationship as a solution to my suffering.

We were not prepared for an open relationship, mentally nor emotionally, so our relationship crumbled.

Intimacy in my life was so essential for me, I read so many books on improving relationships but my partner was not giving the same importance, energy and focus I was giving to it.

   Long story short, I went back to what i though was something that I loved doing and that was massage.(I love many things, I love cooking, and love feeding people, I love sitting with friends in a small kitchen , chatting , drinking herbal teas and cooking curries , pizzas, soups and laughing at silly things-my grandmother's kitchen was always filled with people , people going ,people coming, as soon as you crossed the door step you were instantly half full with pastries, polenta, rice dishes, borch, and I love carrying on the tradition).

 Off course ,the path is never smooth, once I started advertising I started to have a bigger male clientele then female. 

  Learning more about different types of massage I came across a beautiful book wrote by Michaela Riedl, a beautiful insight into Lingam and yoni massage as an integrated part of the sensual massage with both tantric and taoist elements.

It felt so exciting and liberating to bring that to my massage, to learn that through lingam massage the man is provided with a conscious , loving contact with his own masculinity.

I wanted to offer this so I can a open a gate to connecting with my own body, with my own sexuality.

One of the elements was nudity, embracing a man's nudity I am embracing my own naked body.Wanting to cross the barrier of what a naked body should or should not look like.That our body has a special story to tell and that coming one in front off each other is such a natural and quick way to accept ourselves and to heal eventually. 

 Western cultural expectations around performance have created sexual difficulties for many men, including ED, premature ejaculation.

Through loving touch , lingam massage provides a deep relaxation that supports sustained erection, putting men in touch with less familiar aspects of his sexuality like energetic responses of his perineum, prostate gland and anus.

Lingam massage allows men to savor longer and deeper orgasms.


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