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09 Oct

Anyone that has experienced my massage , can tell that the session feels like a dance of energies.

I do love the conscious touch, I do love that feeling of melting into each other through breathing, I do love the intimate feeling created by touch and guided by yours and my breath.

The tantric session at times feels very erotic , at times is sensuous , at times is only conscious touch, relaxing the nervous system( that is so so stimulated and so much under stress) to go in such a neutral state , so that our body can heal.

I do not perform nor I like to follow a script.

Every day we are anew , we are different people, we bring a different feel to our day. 

Most of my sessions are on the massage couch, some sessions can have a long start in yab yum sitting position , were we can breath in synchronicity, in a long embrace to ground ourselves ,other times  a short eye gazing moment is perfect to start and yet other times the session is a gentle massage performed on the futon on the floor.

In lomi lomi massage, the practitioners have been taught to ask at the beginning of each massage to be guided by their ancestors and by the ancestors of the person that is receiving the massage.( was very inspiring when i read that)

Massage is not just massage. For me is mindful touch . I dislike checking the time, as I feel that the body should be honoured fully, in a present state of mind, completely open to what our spirit is there to receive, reaching a timeless state of being.

Tantra is about feeling pleasure and rediscovering pleasure .

(for two years i have been swimming all year round in the local lake where cold water challenged my body in many ways but not until a few month ago I started actually enjoying the feeling of water on my body).

I used this example because when we have been depleted of touch , as children and adults we loose that sensation of feeling pleasure through touch throughout our whole body.Most of us can only access that body pleasure sensations only through genital stimulation or think that that is the only way.isn't it so beautiful when our body is caressed and exploring that feeling of being caressed is just as important, so that we can feel whole.

 I would like to offer attention to every single part of your body, and I do ask you to ride this sweet wave with me in deep trust.


(regarding swimming in cold water subject I recommend a beautiful movie called The Octopus Teacher)

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