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13 Dec

What is nuru massage?

 The art of body to body erotic massage.when I first googled nuru massage, I was disappointed to see that it only had to do with porn.( Again making it a hidden taboo)Trashing and bringing to obscure one of the arts of eroticism

I was quite intrigued to learn how to glide on the body in the most sensual and fun way.

Discovering what feels good in the body , what brings pleasure ( as a birth right) to our body( even a wonderful foot massage) is one of my obsessions.

What I found out was that nuru massage was practised in Japan by the concubines and the escorts, as a rejuvenating practice for both men and women.

It was never written but was taught and passed through the word of mouth hence why you can hardly find anything decent written about it.

Digging deep I found the most beautiful book where it says that tantra, taoism and nuru massage can be incorporated , and can create a beautiful mix to arouse senses and bring enjoyment and longevity to the couple, when practiced between the two ,even in later life when the male genitals stop giving as much.

I love dance , I love any music that uplifts the spirit through movement , I love belly dancing ,the movement of the womb as a mimic of the womb of mother earth where all the wisdom lies , from where all the pleasure in the body expands and rises.i have enjoyed listening to Sufi music lately, a mix of Egyptian, Indian, Persian , gypsy music.

Where I want to go with this is that nuru massage is a beautifully blissful ,ecstatic, ondulating body to body massage 

One never finishes to discover how differently penetrating the sensations of a massage can be.

Namaste 🙏🌹🙏

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