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07 Feb


Many times I did want to take and write down, adding something interesting to my blog , but at the end when I was reading the few words laid down on this virtual paper, I was beautifully deleting them and I had to withdraw even deeper. I did wanted to have a big complain about the whole pandemic and lockdown , but still I would have not given any beautiful revelation , nor bring any beautiful insight .So I had to engage in a deeper discernment to what this beautiful challenging times were here to teach me and (what my friend was saying to me) , what is my role in all this!!! .

The past few weeks have been so powerful, so painful, and so much healing come through , because I showed up in front of my pain , I did not ran away, I did not seek distractions(there was no distractions ). It was a beautiful full cycle , were we reemerge more resilient, with more tools at hand to overcome other challenging times.

Lockdown did intensify or allowed so many heartbreaks to come out, I felt so much stuck and  I needed to feel joy and wanted to feel a mood elevation.

I am a healer( we all are healers of ourselves and others if we tap into this magical powers ). I love movement ,dance, painting, I love breath , healing breath, I love yoga, I love plant medicine but it took me a few weeks to understand that healing powers lies within me, the rebirth comes from within, that transformation and alchemy is possible .

This life is such a wonder, a constant discovery . Requires trust that we are ok, that we are in a good place, that we have the power to overcome difficulties but as well to rise above and live in peace, harmony, love. 

I have discovered a few tools that could bring light to my earthly experiences.

Whenever discourgement kicks in, whenever panic , anxiety , lack of focus I finally decided to allow more and more time for my practices. More then ever I had to go back to them, to balance mind, body and spirit, embodying that zen state of being, or the inner Buddha to elevate  to a higher self.

Once you are there you are part of this loving universe . 

Once we reach this inner state of wellbeing, this universal wisdom , goodness follows and flows abundantly .

Like the phenixes , I was going through a rebirth from my own ashes.

 Changes we seek in other people , in the  situations, and our environment, start within our own microunivers.

There is a say that we can not change others , but we can only change ourselves and I want to add to this, when changes come within you and you finally start blooming , then that has a ripple effect and blooming starts occurring to everyone around us.Meditation , yoga, kria yoga and kundalini have a powerful effect in breaking through what is fake , years of conditioning and slowly reemerging into what is really us.

What I want to conclude from this ,is to stay committed to your spiritual practices( yoga, meditatation, preyer,movement and  dance, painting,journaling,bodywork, anything and more) , your body is your temple, give respect to yourself , give yourself compassion and show yourself everyday by allowing healing time .

God Bless, aloha and namaste

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