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05 Oct

Before I started doing tantric massage , I would have never imagined getting naked in front of anyone apart from myself and even then looking myself in the mirror was not easy.I knew my body was gorgeous , I loved my curves ,my shoulders, my waist, hips, thighs and the V shape of my yoni.

A beautiful, erotic and sensual picture that celebrates womenhood.

My body has never been celebrated( going through puberty , the birth of my children , the passing of time and how it changes)  and I, so wanted to feel celebrated. I so wanted to feel adored.

Being naked in front of other people, or only your companion when you are both fully present, in full acceptance for each other's nudity is so beautiful and liberating.

Look yourself in the mirror naked, dance naked, bend and stretch naked, meditate naked try cooking naked,clean naked , garden naked, sleep naked, go skinny dipping.

It is such an exhilarating feeling to show yourself naked.


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