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30 Nov

So what does a single mum do when she has no kids with her and no work booked in.

She is totally lost.

Don t know what to do first :Cook for myself, rather then eating banana and peanut butter toast all day long ,because my brain can t function, (if is not under the entire day at the service of others,) and focus into accomplishing a meal for myself.

Go for a walk?  go dancing? seeing friends?  calling family ?wild swimming,reconnect with nature?

tidying up and cleaning the bathroom? bake  bread for the week? make candles that illuminate the massage session, or tonight's dinner? .

now is the chance to clean my windows!!!!! 

  no... I can finally do some gardening,repot my geraniums .

but wait, what about my practice? , my yoga, my meditation, that is a MUST.I could not face parenting without the clarity and peace brought by ashtanga and kundalini yoga

So many things I wish I could accomplish in a day on my own.Feeling overwhelmed!!! 

What do I end up doing?watching some sort of vlog on minimalism , or Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Such  a disgrace...mummy brain (I can def say some neuron connections have come missing lately).


Enjoy the rest of the week

lots of love and light


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