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30 Nov

If your man's heart is surrounded by shells , then he losses touch with his life's truth , his deep heart direction.He begins to live a lie. He knows he isn t giving his deepest gift to you or the world .He knows he has sold out on his real dream. he has settled for comfort and security.

Nothing hurts a man's heart more then feeling that he does not know his deepest purpose -or of he does ,that he is too afraid to live it.

So if your man is like most , his deep heart is suffering tremendously, not because of a lack of intimacy in his relationship, but because he feels lost and he knows he is waisting his life.

He is afraid to potentially loose the comfort and security of his family, house, money, or health as he holds back from doing the only thing that will cure his heart's pain.He is afraid to commit his life to discovering his deepest truth ,uncovering his deepest gift, an giving his deepest love to you, his family, and the entire world.

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