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23 Dec

Happy winter celebrations 

I am a winter child, my mum said she birthed me on one of the coldest nights in many years in Romania. 

She tried to delay her labour by walking to the hospital on that night, through the snow and dry cold wind. 

It must be why I feel so much exhilaration on this time of the year. 

Beautiful souls, nothing is lost and everything is earned. 

I wish you weave the most authentic, heart opening experiences, adventures, this coming year, with courage like you don't owe anything, like you are stripped from anything you knew you were, every attachment we have and allow ourselves to experience that rawness, lustful love for life, that we are so starved from. 

Sending so much love, blessings, warm hearted hugs, so much health, connection and anything your heart desires. 

Love you so much🙏🌹🙏


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