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09 Aug

I always want to add something new to this blog , but I felt like I am not a good enough writer .

Still, that will not stop me anymore to take the courage and lay down all my silly thoughts about anything that at the moment is part of my life. ...My path at the moment is my sexuality.I want to understand everything about it. I am like a sponge absorbing anything my body can through workshops , courses, pod casts ,videos , books and last but not least putting things in practice.(not easy though)

What I want to share this time is what I last found out about men and women sexual language.I found out that men and women express their loving language very differently.Our body's energy has two poles , a positive pole and a negative one.A man's positive pole is the genital area , so in an intimate situation the man understands that you love him when you start stroking his lingam . After a while of dedicated presence move that energy towards the heart. 

With a loving touch, massage his chest slowly but quite firm, allow him to breath deeply ,( you might even want to pinch his nipples). 

Tune into his feelings , and check if that energy of love and surrender is present in his heart so that he can operate with you in complete harmony. If surrendering from his side, has not come yet and has not yet fell into a deep relaxation return to his lingam again.  be communicative , gaze into each others eyes, allow a space to express what sort of touch he enjoys the most and include that in the massage experience.

When we make love to each other, we allow the spirit to melt into us, and we become one with our partner.There is no duality, just pure surrender to the magic of love(in ancient civilisations love making was a form of preyer, and bringing gratitude to gods for the life itself)  .In love making there is no end goal , nor agendas, no performance, is a time for giving yourself to the other and to the spirit.We bring honour to ourselves and to everything that surround us.

On the other side women's positive pole is at the level of the heart, she craves a heart connection with her man ,she wants full presence, and patience , she does not like to feel rushed. The man should take a moment to connect with his own heart, have a body scan and if he holds on something that could come in the way try to let go. Try to breath consciously through your touching hands, into her heart. While feeling her heart with his healing hands start circular strokes of her breasts. This is what she wants, engaging in a massage of her chest, where you dedicate full presence. After engaging to that energy you will know when is the right time to connect with her yoni.after you look at her yoni and sent many loving thoughts, gently as gentle can be caress her, gently explore her, with sweet loving strokes.I deeply recommend the book Yoni Massage my Michaela Riedl.   

At times when you are making love she might find it hard to open her heart to you, something is on her heart ,some emotions came back and she is still processing them, but she waits for you to open the gate and heal those emotions, ( create that intimate atmosphere where she can feel held, because you have infinite patience). 

A deeply felt orgasm, moments of deep pleasure is like medicine for our spirit, body and soul. 

Empty your mind, breath completely, relax into this present moment.  

Understanding the  love language and finding connection, rediscovering connection, passionate love making with our long term partner is easier then we think.

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