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09 Sep

Gosh...Life is just comes like a Tsunami, throwing a massive wave of emotions, deep locked feelings somewhere inside my womb.

Now that I am on my own, trying to find my ground, literally every day, trying to swim to the surface to take a small breath of air, and then pulled back down by the heart currants, over and over again, feeling that I'm always there in the deep waters.

Never on the sunny, sandy, paradise beach.

 But no one can come to my rescue , I know that for sure. I've allowed many people in, thinking they are my rescuers, finding comfort in the tenderness of their embraces .But it was only a short term comfort.

But I m the only one that can heal, this body and soul.I m here to witness this transformation.I can see this crysalis, this cocoon, throbbing.This living substance inside me , stirring in,and making drum like vibrations inside my chest, sending them like waves all around my body.

This must be the winding path to healing ...

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