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15 Jun

Yes you can travel in the underworld as much as you want, digging up all your hurts , living from crumbs , seeing all your nightmare scenarios and always conditioned by other people's beliefs about you and how you should live your life.

I want to bring myself to the light , I know the dark already...

I am the daughter of the moon and of the  sun as well  , I am shining light , I  choose to be light, I choose to see myself the best I can be for myself, with integrity , being most honest to myself. Living at best I can be , with love in the heart for everything and everyone.

All the narratives that don't belong to me and I took them with me because other people have said it, they don't serve me anymore.

What serves me is good mood, positive feelings , the big inner smile, the feeling of inner strength, the radiant glow.

I am alive , I want to live with compassion and want to live from love and abundance, I want to make dreams possible, connect with love at its source and to be surrounded by people that love life.

Namaste, aloha and blessings

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