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19 Dec

In my cranio sacral practitioner course, we are always reminded to listen, learn to listen, to our body and the body of the person we are treating. 

The listening is the most beautiful part of it. The stillness is so magical, like alchemy, transforming any metal into prescious gold, we transform and transmute any imbalance into alignment, through little bit more then simple, feather like touch onto different parts of the body. 

Sometimes touch is not even necessary. Just pure awareness of the relationship between patient and practitioner can create the most beautifully healing energetic aura. 

Moving to the massage, the touch is much more present. 

Touch is like a dance, finding the rhythm between my hands and the body is the most delightful feeling. 

One person asked, Andreea how can I prolong intercorse with my partner and how can I orgasm without ejaculation. 

This is such a beautifully complex subject. (unfortunately I am not a sex couch - even though I considered it many times-I work with bodywork everyday, in theory I feel I know quite a bit of how the body feels. 

On one hand, massage is normally receiving, it is about connecting with your own feelings and sensations and exploring breath and touch can be another sensation again. Training the  focus, the mind to be present,( the power of now), connecting to our breath can even change our consciousness. 

Why not playing with as many of these tools that are given to us as we can. 

In the Buddhist tantra is talked about keeping that erotic pleasure in the body with no need to release. 

Now, making love to our partner is different all together 

We seek to make orgasm our partner so quickly whithout fully engaging into erotism. 

I can only speak from my own experience.the intimacy is vulnerability. What if I would suggest forget the end goal (orgasm) and make life a whole love making experience with your partner. From the moment we wake up till the moment we go to bed. 

To fully enjoy love making(in the room) it requires extra effort. Even the preparation of the space can be a sensual practice, from lighting candles, to playing with different scents. The room temperature needs to be warm so that the naked body can fully relax. 

I always considered myself pretty vanilla in the matter of sex, but I think my upbringing did not allow that sensorial creativity in bed to come to life . Doing this work, it is such a life lesson into so many things, and challenging myself through safe exploration of senses, is one of them. 

Massage offers the opportunity to be erotic, play with the erotic energy. Normally 90 min of tantric massage is never enough. 

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