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29 Dec

Namaste beautiful souls

What does diminish is the male urge to ejaculated in later life. 

 Since Western men do not usually understand that ejaculation and orgasm are not the same thing, they think they have began to fail. 

Simon de Beauvoir in her book, the old age, gives a graphic description of how this misconception affected a man called Paul Leautaund. 

De Beauvoir, writes,"we have one most remarkable piece of evidence concerning an old man's relationship with his body, his image and his sex, this is Paul's journal." 

According to De Beauvoir, Paul meets a woman very much to his liking, when he is fifty and she is fifty-five. 

He calls her madame and describes her as a trully passionate woman,wonderfully equipped for pleasure and exactly to my taste in these matters ". 

Seven years later a great deal of this compatibility has disappeared. 

He could not make love so often now and the love affair reaches a second stage. 

" we are attached now only through our senses-by vice-and what remains is utterly tenuous. 

He no longer calls her madame but The Panther instead. 

This is similar to what ineffectual and insicure men in ancient China called their women. 

Men that are hard pressed to perform sexualy by unsatisfied partners would recite an old proverb. 

Women in their thirties are like wolves, women in their forties are like tigers. 

In both instances the name calling simply reflects the worn out state of the man rather then the sexual appetite of the woman. 

What Leautaud did was normal for men of his time and today. 

He cut down on love making at the expense of his own happiness and wellbeing and his mustress's. 

Two year later, when he was fifty nine, the third stage of the affair began.

He started calling her the Scourge. 

He was still attracted to her but he feared that to much love making might be fatal to him. 

His journals take a gloomy turn. 

"what a feeble ejaculation when I make love, little better then water. 

Making love tired him and his doctor advice him to give it up. 

He tried to, but not completely,he also started masturbating. 

Those who know the Tao will understand immediately that this was no solution. 

Masturbation for a man, is the loss of male essence with no compensating gain of female essence. 

There is no harmony of yin and yang and the act is futile. 

It was for Leautaud. He suffered from wanting to make love but not daring to. 

He missed the pleasure of seeing and fondling a naked woman. 

His old age was spend in deep sorrow. 

The picture is all too familiar. 

Leautaud was no more foolish then most of us would be in the same situation. 

Masters and Johnson research bears out what the ancient Chinese knew so many centuries ago. 

They state in no uncertain terms that an older man can be an affective lover provided he does not force himself to ejaculated. 

Much love and blessings 

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