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21 Nov

The people and situations that trigger strong emotions in you are your best teachers.Follow that trigger ,embrace it and heal, so you can elevate yourself, to a higher self.

these strong emotions that rise in the belly is an amazing occasion for work and love to follow so that we can step up and live in peace and harmony with ourselves and everyone else around us.

In the past few months i have been going through a journey of healing, some deep abandonment wounds came up to the surface ,fully opened scars that no plaster could cover anymore.The big ego was melting and only my heart was dancing in the game.

I had to face the pain, I had to feel the pain .I felt anger, I grieved the separation, victimized myself by telling myself stories that i wasn't acknoledged , appreciated and missunderstood.

I stayed in the pain , i journaled so i could clear my head from all this silly nonsensical narratives, and i knew that deep down this long time issue that i was carrying for many years needed so much attention, love and healing and could not carry it anymore, had to be released, so the separation between me and the rest of the world would dissipate once and for all.

Where I want to go with this is that beautiful feelings unravelled from this process, ( and do you know what helped immensely? , connecting with the people that come to me for massage, the pleating of our beautiful strong energies, healed me while i was healing you- we are all interconnected, your sore heart is my sore heart and when your light shines through,it creates a ripple effect, and brings light to the world.when i turn away from your pain , i turn away from my pain(why would i do that-there is no point in owning a heart if we don't open it from the moment we open our eyes in the morning).( feeling real gratitude for the beautiful people that i meet every day).

What showed up to me on this path was a deep feel of self love, loving that wounded child , feeling so much unconditional self-love . Feeling that I am enough and  that I bring gifts to this world. I liberated myself from the ghost of perfection and people pleaser, and I started laughing at myself.

Second lesson was learning to hold space for people that feel differently from me, that value different things, empathyse with them as they are walking their healing path just as well as i am,meet them where they are in their journey, that have a different rythm. The gifts that come with embracing other people's essence  is so precious.the kindness between me and this other person(the world in general) now,is almost tangible.

Namaste everyone. 


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